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I put a ipod on lawerway and got sick and was unalbel to get there on time so the ipod was return by the store is what they told me and I had to pay 10.00 because of it to get my money back I said but I don't under stand why I was not told that and it doesn't say that any where in the store ,do you have any thing in writing the funny part about it was it really wasn't the money to me because I spent 400.00 dollars with the ipod was going to be 400 more he said it should say it on the recite I said it don't,and the cashure didn't tell me he said ur serpose to ask he just walk away from me.. when he walk away I said to my daughter he is full of it it should say it. later on I said to him can u show me something in writing m he went in my face and said what did u say befor , im full of it I said I was not talking to u and u was no where arown when that was even said witch ment that the casher had to tell him that ,he said im not going to show u nothing I said well I would like to talk to some one over u he said call the 1800 number I asked the cashers who was over him and he was told he is not aloud to tell me anything ,I called the 1800 number and they said it would be taking care of and they said they would give me 25 gift card but I have not yet to recive it,its realy not the idear of the gift card but to think that this man can get away with treating people like that but if I don't recive it I have 3 grandkids and another on the way I will never go back to that store again

Monetary Loss: $10.

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West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, United States #808340

I hope this is a joke.


With your English being so poor, I bet even if it were posted in the store you would not be able to understand what you read. Chances are the policy was posted but with your poor English skills you did not see it.

You were rude to him so he has every right to be rude back to you. Why should he bother showing you in writing the policy, your reading skills are so poor that you would not understand what you read anyway. Would just waste not only his time but yours as well.

It is not okay for him to be rude to you but it is okay for you to be rude to him. You obviously have entitlement issues.


How can a "manger" be rude. A manger is not a living thing, oh you meant manager.

It was probably on the receipt, but you needed someone who has better reading skills than you to read it for you. Also telling you 'NO', refusing to change the rules just for you ect is not the same as rude.

Johnson City, Tennessee, United States #783558

I had a layaway for my leukemic son in at toysrus. I paid over and above the payment schedule.

I owed $6.16. The layaway was put back and I received an email to pick up by Dec 12 or it would no longer be there. It was Dec 6 I went to get out!!! I had to pay a cancellation fee, only received a percentage of my money back and the items I put in were no longer there or unavailable...mostly Thomas the Train stuff which he plays with and carries to and fro StJude.

I am going to write and complain I still have the email. I want a FULL refund and my ***!!

It made me mad and my little son crying and disappointed for his first Christmas at home!!!! Toys r Us sucks and I will never layaway probably much less purchase another single item in that *** *** store!!!!!


I just looked at the Toys R Us website and under FAQs it did state that they charge a cancellation fee after a certain period of time.


What does the number of your grandkids have to do with this? It would be a cold day, you know where, before I would spend what those stores charge for anything.

You can get most of the same items cheaper in other stores. Where did you go to school, because your spelling is horrendous? Some stores do have the policy that you mentioned, especially for higher priced items.

Depending on when you were told you would be receiving a $25.00 gift card, it could be awhile before you receive it, because things don't happen immediately.

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