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This is what I have posted on their FB page: You have had numerous chances to make this right. And when I put a comment on your board publicly you asked me to message you privately and you would assist. And I did. And you didn't. You provided absolutely no assistance at all. So be warned FB'ers, if they ask you to message them privately, don't expect any help.

Toys R Us has the absolute worse customer service I have encountered in many years. We went to the store to purchase something on the 25th of November. They were out of stock on one item. The manager helped place the order for the item online. The other item was purchased in store. You guys were very quick to charge our account. And we were promised delivery by Friday. But the paperwork said it would be here between the 2nd and the 5th. So we waited. It was supposed to be a birthday present and at this rate, may not even be here in time for Xmas.

!2-5 comes and no package. We started making calls to the customer service center since the shipping info kept saying label created and waiting for shipment. We end up talking to a supervisor that says he will call around to the stores so that if they have one in stock he can get it shipped to us. Promises to call back.

Instead, 2 hours later I have a strange number come through on my phone. I answer and no one is there. I disconnect and the same thing happens again. The third time I ignore it and it goes to voicemail. On the voicemail is a rep names Tyler who says that the sup, Jesse, has passed the job onto him (aka passing the buck). He leaves me a message how they might be able to get it to me within the two days it was needed by. But in order to do so we had to sign up for some service called Shop Runner and get a 30 day free trial and jump through some other hoops. I'm sorry. I did my part by paying for it (and yes they have charged my card and have my money) Over two weeks before it was needed. It's ToyRUs issue. Not mine. And they need to fix it.

Spent a total of 6.5 hours dealing with them on the phone, waiting for them to call back, straighten things out, placed on hold. During which we were treated to a CSR name Courtney at one point who refused to transfer us to a sup, instead insisting on putting her interpretation of things on the problem and going so far as to tell us we needed to contract UPS. All the while being extremely rude. I asked for a sup. She refused. I asked for her employee id and she says she doesn't have one. I ask for her ext# and she says she doesn't have one, I ask what call center she is located in and she hangs up on me.

I call back and am finally connected to a supervisor named Madison. She seemed ever so sweet and helpful. Asked if I could let her call me back in 20 minutes while she made a few calls to research and see what she could do. Madison instead practices avoidance. Over an hour later, during which my husband DOES call UPS and is told they never picked up the package, we get an email from Madison stating that she had opened up an investigation with UPS and it would be resolved within 7 to 14 days. In the meantime here was a $25 off for our next order. AS IF!!!! I made up my mind at that very moment that ToysRUS and BabiesRUs will not ever be getting another dollar of my hard earned money. That I earn by actually DOING MY JOB with the insurance call center I work at. (and if you care to check into just the trackable part aka using your loyalty rewards card to purchase you will see it's not small change. not to mention the times we have purchased and FORGOT to use our card)

We call back and get another sup, Kerry, she finally agrees to replace the order and says we will get a confirmation email when it ships and we should have it by Monday. I call tonight because it's 3 days later and no confirmation email on the replacement order. I am told it's in allocation status. Meaning no, they don't know when it will ship. And not it has not shipped yet.

I have sent a few more private messages to ToysRUs since they represented themselves as Executive Guest relations. Not a peep in response.

So here I am. They have ruined a little girls birthday present. And may not even make it in time for Xmas at the rate they are going. I will never shop with them again going forward. And I am every tempted to cancel this order, except it was the one thing she REALLY, REALLY wanted. This is the worst customer service I have encountered in forever. Rudeness, passing the buck, making excuses, outright lying and avoidance of dealing with the issue at hand. All while holding our money and the item hostage of their ineptitude.

It's really simple. I paid you for something that you have not fulfilled your end of the transaction. Send me the item and at this point I don't care how much it costs you in shipping. It is your mistake and you need to make it right. And I hope that none of your children suffer the consequences of the same type of customer service, or lack thereof, that you have provided (or not provided, dependent upon your view) to us.

I have valued my loss @ $100, the cost of the item. But if you add up the 6.5 hours alone on 12-5 and what I make an's at least 3 times that amount. And Time I will never get back.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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