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My wife & i are expecting and registered at Toys r us.... She wanted a dresser there and and a family member in oklahoma wanted to give it to us here in Texas.

the item was "Temporairly NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE"... So.. being reasonable people they bought a $325 gift card and sent it to us.. so we could go to a local store and get.

We'll upon arriving at Toys R us the item was NOT available there.... we were told it's only available online... WEBSITE DOESnt say any thing except "Temporarily NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE" So..... i have $325 gift card...

item the card was purchased for is not available in the store OR online AND upon calling the totally useless customer service people, was told they could not tell be when it "might" be available. After a week (and about 5 hours on the phone with these idiots) all i wanted to do was get the purchaser a refund on the gift card so we could purchase the the dresser elsewhere... seems simple? right?

NOOoooo gift cards are "NOT REFUNDABLE"... even to the purchaser... EVEN tho the item we wanted in NOT AVAILBLE anywhere? They tell me "you can get other stuff in the store" WE DONT WANT "other stuff"!!!!!!!!

We bought the dresser elsewhere and now are stuck with this gift card we dont want or need.... I smell Bait-n-switch!

NEVER again !!

Shop Target or Amazon!

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #41819

You may have not written that last comment, but why would you call anyone names, just because a product was not available. What are you like five years old .

Also which story is the truth, did you return the gift card or not? In the letter you claimed that YOU were stuck with the gift card. Then you said in a response to other's that comment on your letter that you returned the gift card. Which is the truth because you are telling two completely different stories.

If you are not being honest about the gift card how are we to believe that you are not being honest about the comment that was made by "a nut". How are we to know that you did not make that comment when you said two opposite things in this letter.

For all we know you could be lying about that as well just like the gift card story. Stick to one story, because eventually if you lie you will not know what lie to tell to cover up your lies and you will find yourself in a deep hole because you can't dig your way out through all those lies.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #41614

Oh, either that or you did not want your wife to know what you posted about her. I will take your word for it for now.


We HAVE given the gift card back..... But it's no use to them?

And they Cannot get their money back!


the nut that posted below "worth" is NOT ME..... Worth


I am the original writer of this post... "Worth"

The "nut" below... "worth" is someone else.....

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #41411

Like someone else you can give the gift card back. Also the post that you have made about the employees is bad enough, but then to come back to your letter and say the same thing about your wife just shows what kind of person you are.


You could give the gift card back to the person who paid for it or sell it. Anyway, you should've known that gift cards are a ripoff and should have discouraged your friend from purchasing it.

Buying a gift card is a promise to buy from the store that issued it. This goes for any store that sells gift cards.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #41349

My wife was also being an ***. She was telling me that sometimes these things happen and that I would have to have be patient.

She claimed that I have a problem with patience and that she has concerns of my child with my lack of patients. If this bi*ch were not carrying my child I would divorce her as she has no right to tell a man what to do.

WOMEN, first the *** woman that works then my wife. Both are acting like idiots and making me angry.

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