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Bought an umbrella stroller from Toys R Us for my baby a couple of months before he was ready to use it (big mistake evidently!). The stroller broke after being used 5 or 6 times. When I tried to exchange it was refused because I was just over the 90 day limit. Spoke with a manager and she refused to budge, told me I would have to ship it to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Over the last week I have talked to the manufacturer twice on the phone, emailed them the requested scans of the receipt, pictures of the damage, and pics of the model number and still no resolution!

Very disappointed in Toys R Us, Amazon has much more efficient problem resolution, guess I will go back to shopping there (so much for "brick and mortar" stores making for a better buying experience!).

Probably will not buy from Toys R Us again or be able to recommend them to anyone!

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Dude, you had it for more than 3 months and you broke it. I don't think we live in a world where any one would (or should) do a refund for something you broke in your possession for more than 90 days.

And trust me, 90 days is EXTREMELY generous.

Guess you'll think next time when someone offers you a protection plan!

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