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honestly all the people on this site are a bunch of pissed off over grown babies ive worked at toys r us for a considerable amount of time now and all i get are very mean an very rude customers believe it or not i work two jobs i got to a catholic high school the requires me to do 5 hours of homework a night and to pay for this high education i have to work 40 hours a week.i dont deserve to go to work and have some lady go off on me because her candy bar wasnt an extra 10 cents off or was half way melted because her husband clutched it in his hand for 2 hours.

change your diaper.

i cant even believe some of the s*** customers will do for example during season as some of you may as well know our stores will see up to 20,000 people in a day and make up to 750,000 dollars as a result so when you come in and have questions its hard for me to stop what im doing with the other 15 customers im helping to help you im sorry its the truth im a person to i have feelings and only two arms and two legs i hope you may forgive me and spare my life. also to whom it may concern when im carrying a new trampoline up to the front for a customer that they may have purchased people will try to stop me, no offense lady but im carrying this huge box that weighs 120 pounds. okay so she decides to get my attention by screaming hey.

its excuse me. then i tell her i will be with you in a second maam but that wasnt good enough she then curses me out and runs off in a storm.

for anybody that reads this please just understand that im a person too i work and i go to school im trying so just so everyone knows im 17 years old and almost everyday is like this for the next time you have a bad day just think of how the other person is feeling and websites like this wont be here anymore.

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im so with you on this one customers cant read sign and are to ignorant to read and want something for nothing and they shoplift then want to return what they stole for store credit see it every day its so annoying to me so you saw it cheaper at target then go buy it at target or have a hard copy of the add by hard copy i mean paper add like the kind you get in the news paper that's up to date im sorry your having a bad day don't take it out on me the nicer you are to me the more im willing to bend over backwards for you =) just saying and around Christmas don't wait till the two days before to do all your shopping and hope we have what your looking for we probably wont because smarter people planned a head and shopped smarter

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