I don't live in the US so I haven't seen this on my TV, but I am shocked to find this on the internet: In this advert the children were apparantly going on a field trip to forest, that would be the kind of experience that would help the children find a connection to the natural world, probably even an experience that could even inspire them into seeing the world at a new light. But instead it turns out they are going to Toys R Us and that is apparantly the "Best field trip they are going to get".

It's upsetting and quite offensive to me that this advert appears to be telling our children that forests, the natural world, and educational trips are "Boring" and their should instead indulge in gluttonous desire to spend their parents' money on cheap plastic toys that would either go in pieces or forgotten about a few days later. As a naturalist I have personally found my best childhood experiences were in fact when I learned about the trees and the ecosystems of our forests and rivers both from school trips and from going out with my family, and I don't want our future generations to lose that sense of wonder when they too learn about our forests, I don't want our children to grow up without a care for our real world.

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Get over it. It's just a commercial for fkk sake.

I am quite sure that little kiddies all around the globe enjoy nature as well as toys. Oh brother, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #744123

If you havent noticed those were poor inner city children that lack the resources or budget to play with toys that fancy. I think you ma'am are the greedy one and would rather them children get a snake *** or spider *** don't you dare forget the poison ivy!! Good day..


OMG who called the political correctness police? You guys sound like a bunch of liberal m orons!


I just saw in on ABC Family Channel while watching National Treasure. I was pretty offended. Given that ABC is owned by Disney, and they are a big supporter of the "Discover the Forest" campaign, you'd think they'd strive for more consistent messaging.

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